ooo.... :] hehe... i'm ADDICTED to IMMORTAL RAIN  

RAIN-- very kind.. :)

MACHIKA-- yey! with Rain!! so lovely!! :)

YUCA-- i pitied him.. :'( sleep is such a sweet gift but he's afraid of it.. and he really loves rain.. :[ whaaa :[ because he choose Rain to be the one to destroy him before he destroys everything... but rain can't kill him :( whaaa...

i wanna know what will ha[ppen... so i'll read ----mooooreee :)

some ramble here.. lolz..




..i decided long ago - - -

    yeah, yeah, i decided long ago to start lessening the paperworks that are on my list. i start with a group report, since i am the leader i should compile the other member's report.. what a hassle. these people don't know what's -the-real-copy-paste- they copied the whole thing in the net. ghaaa.. the professor is not that dumb for not recognizing the whole plagiarism sort of thing(they did not cite the references) so how can i finish it today?? my schedule ses that i should finish the written report and power-point today.. and another homework in English subject.. ~damn, i'm rambling again, sorry for the incoherent thingy going on. ~ anyways highways --> it's really tough being a leader. >_< darn those members whose not yet submitting.. damn them! :i should refrain profanations:


next thing to do:: English term paper.. go!!

(no subject)

 i read manga, fanfics, and a lot.. lolz

gosh my relatives are coming in our town.. ghash oh ghas.. there'll be lots of food.. >_< endless dishes.. >_< whaaa

happy christmas everyone..

---back to reading


shin_neh EXISTS in livejournal... ok?!?

hi there guys... new kid on the site so bear with me if my page/profile is not lovely or interesting to your sight but i assure you i'll work on this page after my exams are over..

can anyone tell me how to beautify my page?!? nyahah... hmm... i'll figure it out somehow... nyahaha he~ya there Lj staffs... or lj peeps... this is a great site indeed. .. 'coz there are lotsaa ways to make a page interesting... good!! very good... nyeheheh

i'm watching BLEACH at and now i'm in episode 133... yeheey... whooo fillers... gosh but not so boring... well yeah some kinda boring....  in the manga i read at onemanga...
laugh out loud!! 

accounts:: ; ; 

if you visit my deviant account... heheh i haven't posted any artwork there 'coz it's in the process of 'scanning' lol

always be happy like BEAN RAIDER!! hooray! >.<

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